Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I passed both of the contest songs - Whew! Finally feel that I can just sing now and go to competition with the Chorus comfortably.

Onward - I have not really felt like I had any profound wisdom to impart lately, so am not posting. Yet I do have a lot to say. Last night I met with a friend who is a "life coach" - was a very interesting meeting and he was so easy to talk to. It was fun - I felt bad that I had to cut the meeting short - had a rehearsal to get to. Tonight is another rehearsal - Chorus is taking a lot of my time - probably right thru April - and then we'll relax a bit over the summer I think.

Anyway - the meeting with "life coach" was good - discussed dating scene and how men were treating me, etc. It was enouraging to get a man's perspective and to know that he had been in similar circumstances - as I know many have.

Right now, I'm happy, busy and enjoying life. Waiting for Spring to start so that I can get outside some more and enjoy biking and running outdoors - and soon Open Water swimming.


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