Monday, March 21, 2011

Biking in the Snow

Went out with a couple of friends (guys - triathletes) biking on Sunday - beautiful sunny morning, kinda chilly but not too bad - no wind. We headed to a bike path - which was clear for a lot of the way - then encountered a bunch of spots that we had to get off bikes and walk while carrying them because of all the snow! We ended up back on the roadways for the return trip - which was fun too.

I felt really good and felt strong - which kind of amazed me since it was my first outdoor ride of the season. Guess having the bike trainer really helped keep me fit this winter.

The guy friends were fun too - talked a lot all of us - which takes away the monotony of riding. I am really trying to get back into the good training mode of doing at least one thing (swim,bike,run) each day and sometimes two workouts a day.

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