Friday, March 18, 2011

My "Girls"

My Soon to be Ex - is traveling this week so I have the "Girls". It has changed my activities quite a bit having to get home every few hours to let them out or walk them. I try to walk them more often - they love the exercise and then when I leave them they tend to not be destructive around the house. They are both still young - one is a year old and the other is 2. Lab/Shepherd mix (Feta) and a Hound mix (Marla). Totally different personalities but both very lovable and inseparable.

It's funny that many nights I've decided instead of going "out" that I'd rather just go home and have a nice run with the dogs and relax afterward. If not for my friends bugging me to go out on a Friday night - I would probably just stay home more with the dogs...they are very good company. My Ex is retired so he keeps the dogs a little more often since he is home. I am working - been going home on lunch - and actually manage about a 1/2 hour walk with them during that time.

Today the weather is beautiful so can't wait to get home and get them out again - looking for the bunnies and squirrels which they go nuts for.

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