Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nights of Singing

It's Thursday again and that means time for singing with Capitaland Chorus - a Sweet Adelines group. I only recently became a member - in November and was reminded how much I enjoy singing. I always sang - in the car, around the house, etc. Music has always been a part of my life - my parents loved music - we went to tons of musicals as kids, I was even in a couple in School. I also was part of a Barbershop quartet in high school - so I guess I was destined to join this group.

The women that I sing with are all so supportive of each other - tons of different personalities as would be expected. We are going to be competing at the end of April with other Sweet Adelines groups in our Region - Region 16. All of our focus over the past few weeks and the weeks coming up is on competition songs. One is a sappy ballad and the other what is referred to as an "uptune". Each member has to "qualify" on the songs - be note and word perfect in order to go to competition.

I'm nervous - have qualified on the ballad and need to perform the uptune tonight with a quartet in order to qualify on that song. I know the song - and can do it, but get so nervous in front of my section leader (I'm a Bass).

Wish me luck.

SN - I think I surprised a lot of my friends joining this group - they are thought of as being an older group - but if you could see some of the performances you would not think so. There are also quartets that perform and compete - and they are phenomenal.... It is a very professional and entertaining singing venue.

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