Friday, April 1, 2011

Life is good

It's Friday - April 1 and the big snow storm that was predicted has fizzled. Thank Goodness for that! It's still not a very nice day - but at least we dodged the storm.

I say "life is good" because I have a lot to be thankful and it reminds me to not stress about things going on right now. My soontobe ex-husband has proposed a settlement - not exactly what I was shooting for, but we are close. I told him to send it to my lawyer and we will see. In the meantime, I am buying a house - and the bank commitment letter is for an earlier date than originally planned with the homeowners. They are having a house built - so we had planned for end of May. Now the bank is asking us to close end of April - and my lawyer is proposing we do this but let them stay and pay me. Nervous about this since I'm not sure divorce will be finalized by then.

Tri season is starting and I am feeling less than motivated. I really need to work on getting my mojo going - think I just need some sunny days and really have to get in touch with bike shop to find out what is going on with my bike. I dropped it off over a week ago for a tune-up and need a bike fit. Will address that issue today. Onward!

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