Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Latest and greatest

I've been telling everyone because I am excited about it that I have finally decided on a Half Ironman race to compete in. I have also started the program of training - hard to squeeze everything in a day! Doing the best I can.

The other thing happening is this wonderful man (married) has come into my life - he actually appeared back in December and then resurfaced in April 1st (April Fools' Day) actually - with an email address. We have been talking ever since. He is very handsome, sweet, kind, gentle, has a great sense of humor - talks a lot and is also a runner! Wow - all great things. Problem is that he is married - long time married at that. I don't want to break up anyone's marriage or see anyone else go thru a divorce - it is very difficult, to say the least.

I guess this is going to be another test of will for me - to see if I can remain neutral - distant be a friend? I do keep busy with my friends - girls and guys - mostly running, swimming and biking - so just have to keep that going and wait for the next "single" guy to come along.

I just read a post by another single woman who said that she has trouble with the whole dating scene - but then gets frustrated and puts herself out there. We all seem to have similar experiences - so, I'm hanging in there.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Half Ironman

It is Spring finally in the Northeast - and I finally got motivated to sign up for a race. I am doing a 50 mile bike tour on Sunday - race/fundraiser. Then I signed up for a Half Ironman Triathlon in September.

The Triathlon will take place in Narragansett Rhode Island - one of my favorite places to visit. I have been going there since I was a little kid - so this race made perfect sense to me - plus it will give me an ocean swim in the race - most in our area are lake swims. Lakes are wonderful for the calm waters - although did one in Lake George last year with big waves. Everyone was getting sick. My goal was to do a tri in the ocean to start - so here goes.

My girlfriend has already given me a training program - 20 weeks which started already this week. Woohoo. I am psyched - just hope that my body holds up. I went to Yoga last night and had a sharp pain in my hip - it went away - but I worry that I am doing too much too soon. We'll see.

Beautiful Day

Divorce can be tough - lots of emotional ups and downs. Today was one of those days when all I had to do was think and I would start to cry. The weather is beautiful - so I just reminded myself to think good stuff and get on with things.

The best thing today was that when I walking out of my office building I heard a little voice saying "Hey Lady". There is a daycare playground next to our building - fenced - and the kids were out playing. When I looked to see who said "Hey Lady" there was a little boy inside the front corner of the fence - near the sidewalk holding a dandelion flower thru the fence for me!! I leaned down and thanked him profusely and as I walked away saw one of the teachers smiling as I think he witnessed the wonderful gift.

So for all of the ups and downs - there are way many ups today!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Training, training, training

Time to really get back to some serious training. Now that chorus competition is over I think I can get on a more regular schedule. Only thing this week is that I have custody of dogs for the week - and they like a lot of attention. I'm trying to incorporate runs with them into training schedule. The other affect is that I don't feel like leaving them in the morning to go swim - so may just work that in sometime over the weekend.

Biking and running getting better - still need a lot more! Developed a very bad cough with allergies this Spring which really hampered my running. It affected me on bike also - but not quite as much. Probably just sounded really bad to the people riding in front of me.

I'm hoping that this rainy Spring will end soon and that I can also start thinking about having my friends over to enjoy some Patio time. I keep telling them I'm going to do my famous dry rub ribs -- figure this is a good excuse for a party. I'll pretty much use any excuse. Had my girlfriends over the other night - everyone makes something, so it really isn't that much work for me. We had a lot of fun and good conversation. There will be more of this to come - with the guys included next time. We athletes love to eat!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Chorus Competition was this weekend

So my Sweet Adelines Chorus went to Regional competition this past weekend. It is the Capitaland Chorus. We did well - came in third in our division (Small Chorus) and 10th overall out of 26. It was a lot of fun - and really enjoyed the large choruses - they are so polished. The winners are pretty awesome to hear.

We also got there to watch the competition of Quartets - we have two members in our chorus who competed and did well.

Now, back to more triathlon training.

Update - Soontobexhusband has signed divorce agreement. I should be getting agreement in a few days I imagine and will also sign. Once this is done goes to judge for final OK. To me this was both sad and scary - to be getting divorced. I know it's coming, but the finality of it is difficult.