Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beautiful Day

Divorce can be tough - lots of emotional ups and downs. Today was one of those days when all I had to do was think and I would start to cry. The weather is beautiful - so I just reminded myself to think good stuff and get on with things.

The best thing today was that when I walking out of my office building I heard a little voice saying "Hey Lady". There is a daycare playground next to our building - fenced - and the kids were out playing. When I looked to see who said "Hey Lady" there was a little boy inside the front corner of the fence - near the sidewalk holding a dandelion flower thru the fence for me!! I leaned down and thanked him profusely and as I walked away saw one of the teachers smiling as I think he witnessed the wonderful gift.

So for all of the ups and downs - there are way many ups today!

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