Friday, May 6, 2011

Training, training, training

Time to really get back to some serious training. Now that chorus competition is over I think I can get on a more regular schedule. Only thing this week is that I have custody of dogs for the week - and they like a lot of attention. I'm trying to incorporate runs with them into training schedule. The other affect is that I don't feel like leaving them in the morning to go swim - so may just work that in sometime over the weekend.

Biking and running getting better - still need a lot more! Developed a very bad cough with allergies this Spring which really hampered my running. It affected me on bike also - but not quite as much. Probably just sounded really bad to the people riding in front of me.

I'm hoping that this rainy Spring will end soon and that I can also start thinking about having my friends over to enjoy some Patio time. I keep telling them I'm going to do my famous dry rub ribs -- figure this is a good excuse for a party. I'll pretty much use any excuse. Had my girlfriends over the other night - everyone makes something, so it really isn't that much work for me. We had a lot of fun and good conversation. There will be more of this to come - with the guys included next time. We athletes love to eat!

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