Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Blog - Triathlon Fashionista

I've been thinking that maybe I should start a new blog for all of those triathletes - Women - who would like to participate but still keep some sense of fashion while working out. Seems every week at our tri-club training people are commenting - men and women on my fashion sense. First it was that I always wear earrings - some say is dangerous - but have not run into a problem yet. Another comment is that I can come out of the water after a swim with lipstick still on - and after bike as well.

Last night after swim and run - I took a quick dip in the lake to rinse off then went to my car and changed into a cute summer dress - put a headband on and headed to restaurant where we all gather after our workouts. One couple asked if I had showered - looked so good! LOL....another woman commented that a dress was a great idea - it is easy to change in and out of. I think I may be starting a trend - see what happens next Tuesday - how many women end up in summer dresses when we go to restaurant.

So, anyway - was thinking that maybe I should start my own "Fashionista" post for triathletes - running skirts, I also have cute swim caps - bought some for my other female friends who swim - and maybe lively tops to wear when we are biking and running after the swim!

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  1. Ha! Love this. Why shouldn't your post (and during) workout outfit be cute?