Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weather turning Cold

This was during a hike to the firetower at Hadley Mountain.  It was a fun hike - my first hike with a Meetup group.  I joined several Meetup groups in an effort to meet new people.  One was a hiking group. The group was very friendly and the pace was fairly slow, which was good.  This was two weeks after completing a marathon - so you'd think I'd be strong!!  I made it - but really was surprised at how winded I got climbing the mountain. 
I went to another "Meetup" recently for a biking group - they were fun also.  Met a guy who I have since gone on other bike rides with.  I also belong to a meetup group for Beagles - Marla (one of my two dogs) is part beagle I think.  She totally enjoys the "meetups' once a month - it is fun to see all the hounds together.  There are others that are close to her size, stature - and they all seem to get along.  It's always an entertaining outing for me and I love to see how well she gets along with both dogs and humans - she loves everyone!!!
I'm enjoying the "meetup" events that involve people enjoying an active lifestyle - hiking, biking, kayaking. 
The weather here is about to turn sharply colder which I am not looking forward to - but will make the most of it by bundling up and going for a hike.  Maybe one of the 46 High Peaks soon.

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